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With a last name like Lough (pronounced “law”) becoming a lawyer made too much sense. My practice focuses on accident/injury law, criminal defense, and divorce/child custody cases. More importantly – my practice focuses on helping people like you.


I spend a lot of time in the courtroom, but you may recognize me from my decade on television news.


The most common question I get is - why did I switch careers and leave the “news biz” to become an attorney? The answer is very simple: I wanted to help people, and I didn’t feel like I was doing that. However, I wouldn’t trade those ten years in journalism. There is not a better training ground for an attorney than being an investigative reporter. Where else do you learn to think fast on your feet, ask the right questions under pressure, dig deep into public information and discover crucial details to crack a story wide open? Where else can you hold public officials accountable on a daily basis, alert the public to dangers or emergencies, or expose con-artists and fraudulent businesses so they can stop taking advantage of you?


I’m using the same skills I spent a decade developing, just in a different career. And the best part is I get to help people every single day.


My wife and I are proud to call North Alabama home. I’m proud to represent Alabamians in their pursuit of justice. I would love the opportunity take a look at your case and see how I can help you. 




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